principal investments

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  Family Offices manage many aspects of the financial affairs of their principals.  Ultimately, however, creating value is a primary objective of most families.  We have almost two decades of experience selecting private equity opportunities, managing the acquisition process, monitoring progress of portfolio companies and maximizing exits.  Some of our recent investments are detailed on the Principal Investments page.  

  Skybones Capital can utilize its experience in managing direct private equity opportunities to those family offices that want to supplement their own internal resources.  Skybones is an active investor in start-up and other private equity opportunities and is committed to sharing them with like-minded family offices.

  For over 35 years, we have been advising Family Offices on all aspects of their financial landscape; including private equity investments, public securities portfolios, risk management, collectibles and real estate.  Our experience has been both as an outside consultant and, most recently, as the Managing Director of an ultra-complex family office.

  Additionally, our experience includes running the operations of a prominent private equity firm that takes a hands-on approach to mentoring and building businesses, assembling boards, developing business plans, creating new revenue streams, providing innovative access to capital and utilizing the corporate intellectual skills to add value to an entrepreneur or business.  Working in this environment, we have had the chance to mentor and help grow many start-up businesses.